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The Best Dog Carrier USA-An Overview

In the next few years, international travel will be completely different. Despite this, many people still have a wanderlust. When it’s safe to have a staycation, why not take your pooch with you? Why not bring your dog along on a safe staycation?

You may be thinking about moving and want the best dog carrier for your pet to stay safe during the move. You are at the right place, no matter what your reason for visiting.

Before we dive into the best dog carriers available on the Australian market, let’s go over the features to look for. This guide should help you to find the perfect dog or puppy carrier.

Quick Picks – The Top 3

Our Number 1 Pick – Mr Peanut’s Airline Approved Soft Sided Pet Carrier

  • Stylish
  • Airline-approved
  • Durable
  • Money-back guarantee
best dog carrier

Runner Up – K9 Pet Carrier

  • Airline-approved
  • Australian-made
  • Durable
  • Excellent size range
best dog carrier

Third Choice – Aivituvin Soft-Sided Dog Travel Carrier

  • Budget-friendly
  • Comfortable
  • 10-year satisfaction guarantee
  • Airline-approved
best dog carrier

How To Choose The Right Dog Carrier For Your Dog?

There are several factors to take into consideration before you make the right purchase for your dog, regardless of whether you’re looking for beds, collars, or harnesses. Consider these factors before purchasing a dog carrier.


When it comes to travel carriers, sizing is crucial. Size is important for comfort. If the carrier is too large, your dog will not feel as secure and snug as he would in a den. Your dog will feel trapped and claustrophobic if the size is too small. This is particularly true if you’re planning a long-haul trip.

Before you begin, it’s best to first measure the height of your dog.

Measure the shoulder height of the child from the tops of his shoulders down to the floor. Add two to three inches to the shoulder height for soft-sided carriers. Hard-sided carriers require an additional three to five inches. Wearable carriers like backpacks or slings are designed to be snug. The dog is held against your body, not the carrier. – Jan Riesen, American Kennel Club

Durable materials

Any cargo that is valuable should be protected and kept safe. It is an obvious fact. It is the same for your dog. The dog carrier bag that you select should be made from sturdy materials. The majority of dog carrier bags are made from Oxford nylon with a reinforced inner lining.

Plastic carriers can be durable and easy-to-clean.

Look for words such as “waterproof”, “scratchproof”, or “water-resistant”.

You can also check reviews to see how durable the product is in reality. Do not just believe the manufacturer!

Airline-approval (if applicable)

If you plan to use the carrier for road trips or moving, airline approval is not necessary.

There are separate guidelines for cabin and hold travel for international flights. Consult the airline directly to find out the most accurate information.


The weight problem has two sides.

The bag’s weight is one factor. You need to make sure that the bag is not heavier than a specified weight if you want to use it as a cabin airline carrier with your dog. Each airline has their own guidelines on what is allowed in the cabin and the hold.

It’s important that the bag is not too heavy as your dog will find it difficult to carry.

Second, the weight that the carrier can carry is important. In the product description, the manufacturer should state the maximum weight that the carrier can safely carry. If your dog’s measurements are perfect for the medium-sized product, but they are a bit rotund, you might need to choose the large size for added weight support.


Manufacturers make dog backpacks or baskets for bikes with the comfort of your dog in mind. These bags often have ventilated windows, dark interiors to encourage restful sleep, and a soft, washable mat that is comfortable for your dog. Wonderful!

The comfort of your dog is paramount, but it is not the most important thing. It is convenient to include all these bells in the bag, but it’s not essential. Use crate blankets or mats to make your dog’s environment more comfortable.

PRO TIP: If you have a long-haired breed, you may prefer to customize the comfortable items you use anyway, as the fleecing already included in some dog cases may be too warm and sweaty for your dog.

Yes, comfort is important, but you don’t have to buy a product that lacks it.

What Are The Different Types Of Dog Carrier?

You may wish to consider different types of carriers for your dog. (4)

Carriers and crates with hard-sided sides

Plastic is often used to make hard-sided carriers. These carriers are less comfortable, but they are durable and waterproof. These are both important features!

Soft-sided carriers

Soft-sided carriers tend to be made from nylon or another sturdy, waterproof fabric that is flexible. If you are concerned about the appearance of hard-sided cases, soft-sided carriers tend to be less cage like. Comfortable cases are definitely higher on the scale. There aren’t many large sizes available.

Bicycle baskets

Bicycle baskets have carriers attached to the handlebars. It is an easy and comfortable way to transport your dog on your bike.

These carriers are usually padded, have flexible sides and are quite comfortable.

It would be very dangerous to ride with a large carrier in front!

Not every dog will enjoy this. Some dogs may find riding on a bike with a carrier a frightening experience. Consider your pet’s comfort when buying a carrier.

Dog backpacks

Dog Backpacks have a similar construction to backpacks. The bag is designed to enclose your dog’s legs, securing them inside. Your dog can have its front paws removed from the bag but this is generally not recommended.

It’s super easy to walk or bike with your dog. They are not for all dogs.

They are not suitable for large dogs. Diana Miller, from Top Dog Tips, writes:

PRO TIP: No matter which pet carrier you choose, both backpack carriers and dog slings are good only for small and toy/teacup dog breeds. In fact, most pet carriers, including slings and dog purses, are only rated to carry pets only between 8-15 pounds. (5)

Also, some dogs just don’t like to be carried that way or swaddled. They may feel claustrophobic or fearful of being so high off the ground with limited mobility for a time. It is quite anxiety-inducing for some dogs. It’s safe to say that if your dog doesn’t like to be carried, a backpack may not be for them.

Best Dog Carriers USA 2023 Reviewed

So now that we have gone through the many nuances of choosing the right dog carrier for your dog, here is our list of recommendations. We tried to get a decent mix of styles, sizes, and special features so you could make the right selection for you!

#1: Best Of The Best: Mr Peanut’s Airline Approved Soft Sided Pet Carrier

What sets this product apart from the rest?

  • Stylish
  • Airline-approved
  • Durable
  • Money-back guarantee
best dog carrier

Mr. Peanut’s carrier is such a fantastic product. It is stylish, functional, and safe.

First of all, let’s discuss the construction before we dive deeper. There are many parts to this stellar carrier. The overall carrier has a sturdy, removable fleece pad base. This pad is fully washable, too, to keep it fresh for multiple uses.

One side has a breathable window mesh that allows your dog to see out while also providing ventilation.

The Mr Peanut’s Airline Approved Soft Sided Pet Carrier being tested by our independent expert team.

You can store documents or treats in the many pockets. It has an identification tag which is important if you are planning to fly with your pet.

This is a tough little bag with a good build quality. The bag is made from strong Oxford nylon.

The design is a huge plus. This product is more than fashionable. This carrier is a bit shiny, unlike many others that can be dull. The Mr. Peanut carrier is available in four colors: dark grey, blue, and purple.

#2: Runner Up: K9 Pet Carrier

  • Airline-approved
  • Australian-made
  • Durable
  • Excellent size range
best dog carrier

Our runner-up luckily has a bit more of a size range to it. happy to present you with the K9 Pet Carrier. It may not be quite as fancy as the Mr. Peanuts, but it certainly ticks many of the boxes you need ticked if you are intending to travel with your dog.

This is a durable plastic travel cage that has all of the basic features you need. It has a removable, washable tray at the base. It also has a handy feeding bowl and water funnel for your pup’s bare necessities.

#3: Budget-Friendly Pick: Aivituvin Soft-Sided Dog Travel Carrier

  • Budget-friendly
  • Comfortable
  • 10-year satisfaction guarantee
  • Airline-approved
best dog carrier

It’s fair to say that most dog travel carriers are a little pricey. for a good reason, honestly. Carriers need to be secure and durable, and getting IATA approval requires a few essentials.

With all that said, it is entirely possible to find a good carrier that isn’t quite so pricey or premium. For those on a budget, we recommend the Aivituvin Soft-Sided Dog Travel Carrier.

It is a sweet little carrier that will do the job with enough bells and whistles to suit your traveling needs. The Aivituvin has a removable, washable fleece bed that will give your dog some extra comfort. There are also mesh windows for ventilation.

Top Choice: Best Dog Carriers

For style, comfort, and airline safety, Mr. Peanut’s carrier is a clear winner. Of course, the major issue is that it only fits tiny dogs, but if your dog fits, it is surely the best dog carrier on the US market and beyond.

For more size versatility, but still with airline approval, the K9 Pet carrier is fabulous. You’ll need to pimp it a bit with some soft blankets and identification tags, but it does come in an impressive range of sizes, so you can travel coast to coast with your loveable canine.


Are dog carriers safe for dogs?

Generally speaking, carriers are safe for dogs providing the following criteria:
Your dog is measured correctly for the carrier
You have provided adequate comfort for the length of time they will be in the carrier
You have purchased a durable carrier that can hold their weight
There is good ventilation and airflow in the carrier

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