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Is Turmeric Good for Dogs? Weighing the Benefits & Risks

Important Points Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants in dogs. Turmeric is...
Dog’s Ears Red & Hot

Why Are My Dog’s Ears Red & Hot? The Most Common Diagnosis

Important Points Allergies most often cause red and hot ears. In most cases, an ear infection is secondary. Parasites...

15 Ways to Help Your Puppy Gain Weight Safely and Fast!

Does your dog struggle to gain weight and is too thin? Some home remedies for fattening dogs found...

Vet’s Choice: Best Cat Foods for Constipation (Wet & Dry) 

Mr Kitty, a senior cat I knew many years ago, suffered from terrible chronic constipation. He ate high-fibre...
how to use fish oil

How to Use Fish Oil to Calm a Dog’s Allergy Symptoms

Fish oil Ewww. Sounds super unappealing, right? It does for most Americans! We’ve...


Here are some quick tips on how to overcome litter box aversion. Everyday litter cleaning Access...
Best dog carrier

The Best Dog Carrier USA-An Overview

In the next few years, international travel will be completely different. Despite this, many people...
10 Dangerous Foods Your Dog Should Not Eat

10 Dangerous Foods Your Dog Should Not Eat

What is dangerous foods for dogs? There are many dangerous foods for dogs to consume, as they can cause...
cat stung by bee

What To Do If Your Cat Is Stung By a Bee

What is cat stung by bee? When a cat stung by bee, it can be painful and cause swelling at the site...
Cat Urine Smell

How to Get Cat Urine Smell & Stains Out of Carpets?

What is Cat Urine Smell Cat urine smell has a strong and distinct odor that is difficult to describe....

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